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Low Loader Specialised Transport

Here at Rogers Transport we are the premier choice for low loader specialised transport!  Our skilled transport team offer a full UK service for businesses, factories, events and retail, to name a few. We are fully insured as one of Hampshire’s leading transport companies and are registered members of the RHA (Road Haulage Association).

‘Low Loader’ is a phrase in the heavy goods and transportation vehicle industry to describe a variety of low deck trailers. A low loader trailer is also referred to as semi low-loader, step frame, plant trailer or machinery carrier. The stepped down deck and smaller wheels on this type of trailer provide a lower deck, this gives the option to drive vehicles directly onto the deck via attached hydraulic or detachable ramps such as, cars, construction machinery and more.

Our low loaders are our lowest possible trailers on our fleet that run only inches from the ground. For example, we can move large construction equipment, parts and more such as gas turbines etc. safely and efficiently.

Low Loader Hire Basingstoke

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